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For Sale at Abbey Springs

Abbey Springs does not own the below listings for sale. Please contact the person listed with each listing for more information.  Follow the Real Estate Listings link on the left to see MLS listings within Abbey Springs.

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  • LOOKING FOR: Current owner looking for 2 -3 bed condo or townhome.  Contact Scott at 309-303-2698

  • LOOKING FOR: Current Abbey Springs unit owner looking for a 4+ BR single family home. Please call Ryan at 847-997-4004.

  • LOOKING FOR: Current owners are looking for a single family home with master bedroom on the first floor.  Please call Maryellen at 847 894 7514.
  • LOOKING FOR: a small single family home in Abbey Springs.  Please call Fred at 630 258 5559

  • LOOKING FOR: Current owner, looking for a smaller three bedroom home or townhome.  Fixer upper is fine. Please contact Jenny 630-334-2040


  • LOOKING FOR: Abbey Springs owner looking to purchase 4-person or 6-person golf cart. Please call/text Mike: 312-399-0834

  • Wanted - a detached garage anywhere in Abbey Springs. We will be willing to buy or rent.  Please contact Gary Neumann 847.219.1881

  • WANTED: To buy or rent a detached garage in the DuckPond Townhouse area. We are DuckPond owners. Please call Howard Friedman at 312-953-4142.