Special Events Venue on Lake Geneva

Located on the tranquil shores of Geneva Lake, Abbey Springs is more than just a country club. It represents life's grand moments and occasions. Whether you're hosting a close-knit group of 25 or planning a grand event for 200, our versatile event spaces and experienced team ensure your celebration is truly extraordinary. While we are known for hosting spectacular weddings, our venue is the perfect setting for all of life’s special occasions.

The Perfect Location for a Corporate Meeting or Special Event

In the rapidly changing business landscape, it is essential to recognize milestones, achievements, and opportunities to bond as a team. Abbey Springs provides the perfect backdrop for corporate gatherings of all types. From award ceremonies, product launches and business meetings, to golf outings and holiday parties, we offer the best venue options.

Our Clubhouse banquet hall boasts state-of-the-art facilities equipped for presentations, panel discussions, and more. If you're looking to couple business with a touch of relaxation, the breathtaking view of Geneva Lake from our Lakeside Tent is sure to inspire and rejuvenate your team.

Memorable Anniversary Celebrations on Lake Geneva

Marking another year of love, partnership, or even a business milestone deserves a grand celebration. Abbey Springs, with its enchanting surroundings, offers a romantic setting for couples celebrating their anniversaries. But it's not limited to romantic milestones. Business anniversaries are equally at home amidst the beautiful setting and picturesque landscape.

Birthday Venue in Fontana, WI

From the exuberance of a child's first birthday party to the elegance of a 50th birthday celebration, Abbey Springs caters to all age groups and themes. Our private event menus are tailored to suit the occasion, be it a brunch affair, a luncheon, or a grand dinner party. Let your loved one's special day be accentuated with gourmet delights, delectable desserts, and a view that captivates the soul.

Make Memories at Your Reunion at Abbey Springs

Memories are the threads that connect us to our past. A reunion, whether it's for a family or a graduating class, is a moment to relive those memories and make new ones. Our spacious grounds can easily accommodate large groups, ensuring everyone gets to be a part of the cherished moments. From a lakeside BBQ to a formal sit-down dinner, your reunion on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin will be an affair to remember.

Customized Menu Options

We know that food is an integral part of any celebration. At Abbey Springs, our culinary experts curate a vast selection of menu options that range from sumptuous breakfast spreads to lavish dinner feasts.

While we offer a comprehensive menu, we understand that every event is unique. That's why our offerings are merely guidelines, leaving ample room for customization. Should you have any specific dietary needs or theme-based requirements, our chefs are more than willing to tailor the offerings to your preference.

Guided by Event Planning Professionals

Organizing a special event can be overwhelming. But at Abbey Springs, our team of dedicated professionals will guide you from inception to execution. Every detail, no matter how minuscule, is given due attention, ensuring your event unfolds seamlessly. Our staff’s commitment to excellence ensures that every moment spent at Abbey Springs becomes a cherished memory.

Plan the Perfect Party at Abbey Springs Today!

Abbey Springs, conveniently located on Geneva Lake, with a reputation for hosting grand celebrations, stands as the epitome of excellence in special events. Whether you’re celebrating personal milestones or corporate achievements, our venue, facilities, and impeccable services ensure your event is unforgettable. Come, celebrate life’s most precious moments with us, and let Abbey Springs be the backdrop to your memories. Reach out to our event professionals today!