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Closed for Golf Course Renovations

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Project Updates

 To keep our owners up-to-date, Abbey Springs will be updating progress on a weekly basis on this renovation page.


Hole 1
The first green has been shaped.  Gravel and sand layers have been added and now the drainage is being added to the bunker.  Sod has already been added to part of the surrounds, and sod will be added to the green next.


Hole 2
The second hole has been completed, with sod being laid over the green and surrounds.  The new bunker and approach fairway have also been installed.

Hole 3
The third hole has been completed, with sod being laid over the green and surrounds.  Two new bunkers have also been installed.

Hole 7
Hole 7 has been completed, with the green and surrounds being completely sod.  The fairway bunker and green-side bunker have also been installed.

Hole 8
Hole 8 has been completed, with the green and surrounds being completely sod.  The greenside bunkers have also been installed.

Hole 9
The fairway on hole 9 has been graded and mostly sod.  A new bunker has been formed, and the green has been roughed out.  After shaping is complete, this green will need gravel and sand layers next.

Hole 10
Work on grading the new forward tee box on hole #10 has started.  The 10th green has also been lowered for better visibility.  The green and greenside bunkers are now being shaped.


Hole 11
The 11th hole is currently being shaped.  The tee box is also being regraded.

Hole 18
The 18th hole has been shaped and is now ready for gravel and sand mixtures.  The bunkers have also been shaped and are ready for drainage.  The right side of the fairway has also been lowered for better visibility of the green.  A new fairway bunker has been added on the right side of the fairway.


Hole 1
The green and surrounds have been rough shaped.  Drainage around the green and bunkers is complete.  The crew is working on draining the green cavity and then it will be filled with a gravel layer and greens mix on top.  An additional drain line was added across the fairway to help carry the water from the first pond in the 900s across to the pond that is left of 9 green. 


Hole 2
Gravel and greens mix have been installed in the green cavity.  The bunker has been completed.  Final grading of the green and green surrounds is complete and the hole is ready for sod next week.

Hole 3
The bunkers are finished and there is some final shaping left to do around the green.  Adjustments were made to the green surface to create more pinable area at the back of the green. 

Hole 7
All the bunkers are complete.  The green cavity has been filled with gravel and greens mix.  Final grading of the green and surrounds is complete and the hole is ready for sod next week. 

Hole 8
The bunkers have been shaped and completed.  The green is also in its final stages of completion.  Final prep of the green and surrounds will take place in the next few days.  The right side of the fairway was expanded with sod.  Bluegrass sod was laid beyond the bentgrass fairway in the rough area.  An out of play area between 8 and 2 has been seeded with fine fescue.  The back tee deck was also sodded and seeded with fescue around the side and back.

Hole 9
This hole saw our biggest change this week with the right green side bunkers and the fairway bunker being roughed in.  The fairway was final graded and prepped for sod.  Sod has now been laid across the fairway and the rough. 

Hole 18
Sod was stripped from 18 green and fairway to be laid on 9 fairway.  The right side of the fairway and the green complex are being rough shaped. 


Hole 1

Sod has been stripped off the first green and has been reinstalled on the 7th fairway.  The green & surrounds are now starting to be shaped.

Hole 2
Drainage is currently being installed on the 2nd green.

Hole 6
The 6th hole has been completely sodded and is now completed.

Hole 7
Sod has been added the 7th fairway, and both fairway bunkers have been installed.  Drainage, gravel and greens-mix (sand) layers have been added to the 7th green.

Hole 9
Drain pipe has been installed across the 9th fairway into the adjacent ponds.  The fairway continues to be graded.  Sod on the green has been removed and will be placed in another area on the golf course.


This week was an exciting week for progress on the golf course as we had truckloads of bluegrass & bentgrass sod come in.  This sod has already been installed on the golf course on holes 4-6 as shown in the updates below!

Practice Facility

The seed that was planted on the practice facility is now starting to germinate and grow.

Hole 2

The 2nd green and surrounds are starting to get shaped.  This kidney-shaped green will feature a bunker right before the center green and an approach fairway apron on the left-front of the green.  The new forward tee box is also being formed.

Hole 3

Both bunkers have been formed on the 3rd hole.  Drainage is now being installed, leading from the back bunker, around the front of the green, and draining toward the pond.  The Abbey Springs grounds crew also helped to install sod over the new Oak & Ash tee boxes.


Hole 4

Sod on the 4th hole fairway, green & surrounds has been installed.  Sand has been incorporated into the fairway and greenside bunker.  The Abbey Springs grounds crew also helped install sod over the new Oak & Ash tee boxes.  Next, sod will be installed around the fairway bunker. 

Hole 5

Sod on the 5th hole fairway, green & surrounds has been installed.  Sand has been incorporated into the fairway bunker and greenside bunkers.


Hole 6

Sod on the 6th hole green has been installed.  Sod is also currently being installed on the green surrounds.  Sand has been incorporated into the greenside bunkers.

Hole 7

Hole 7 green and surrounds have been shaped.  Next to be installed in the green are drainage, gravel & greensmix.  Sod has also been installed where the old swale ran across the fairway.  The fairway bunker close to the green has been shaped out.  The two fairway bunkers midway down the right-hand side of the fairway have been formed, along with drainage and Billy Bunker spray liner installed.

Hole 8

The 8th green is starting to be shaped and roughed out.  You can see the green outline and where the two new bunkers are being created before the green on the front-left.

Hole 9

Soil from the 18th pond is being transported to the 9th fairway, which will be built up and graded toward the ponds on the left side of the fairway.



Practice Facility
The practice range has been seeded and overlaid with a hydro-mulch covering for protection and growth optimization.  Seed will start to germinate quickly and you will see grass growing across the entire range in the coming weeks.  Sand has also been added to the greenside bunker by the chipping area.  This is the same sand that will be installed in bunkers across the entire golf course.

Hole 4
The green, fairway bunker and greenside bunker have all been formed and groomed, and drainage is now being installed in the greenside bunker.

Hole 6
Drainage has been added to the green, and a base layer of gravel has been overlaid.  Bunkers have been formed out and the birm behind the green has been formed and graded.  Next, the greens-mix (sand layer) will be poured on the green on top of the gravel layer.

Hole 8
Drain pipe system has been installed across the 8th fairway, leading to the pond on the left side of the fairway.  This is much needed help for a fairway that is infamous for moisture retention after rainfalls. 



Renovation progress was slowed considerably earlier this week, considering that the golf course received a substantial 2.5” of rain on Sunday & Monday.  There are areas of the course that will need to dry out this week before transporting the dirt piles that are currently placed by the entrance pond.  Thankfully, the excavator was able to dredge most of the entrance pond before the heavy rains hit.  Things will continue to dry out this week with nice weather, which will also help speed up progress. 

Hole 6
The 6th green has been shaped out and will next be requiring gravel and greens mix base.  The surrounds of the green are being worked and rebuilt.  The larger builders by the both bridges have also been installed and secured.

Hole 7
The awkward swale across the 7th fairway has been filled in and a new sub-surface drain has been installed.  Midway down the fairway, the left bunker has been removed and will be replaced with a banking slope.  Two new bunkers are currently being shaped on the right hand side.  The fairway in this area is also being regraded to help with proper drainage.  The process of shaping the green and greenside bunker has also started.  

Hole 3
The two new tee boxes are currently being graded out.  The structure and shape of the green itself will remain intact, however the surrounds of the green are currently being rebuilt; the existing bunker on the front left will be reshaped and proper drainage installed.  A new bunker is being formed behind the back-center of the green.

Hole 18
The excavator has been hauled away as all retention pond areas have been completely dredged.  Much of the soil that has come from the pond remains on the side of the pond so that it can dry out.  This soil will be used elsewhere on hole #18 and hole #9.


Hole 4
The greens sand mixture has been laid on top of the gravel layer of the 4th green.  Once we have 4-5 greens ready for sod, we will receive the sod shipment and start laying while the next greens are being shaped.  Work has also begun on the new tee boxes on the fourth hole, which will both be expanded and resurfaced.

Hole 5
Drainage has been added to the fifth green, and has been overlaid with gravel and greens mix layers.  Irrigation is also being installed on the right side of the fairway in the area that has been elevated.

Hole 6
Boulders have been added to the front of the 6th retention pond and are currently also being installed near the bridge.  The 6th green is currently being shaped.

Hole 7
The retention pond behind the 7th green is now completely dredged out.  The green, greenside bunker and fairway bunker will need to be shaped next.  Soil from the retention area has been relocated to the front of the 3rd fairway between the tee boxes and the right side of the 8th fairway.

Hole 3
Soil has been introduced between tee boxes and graded in order to build up this low lying area, which will remain a long grass “no-mow” area.  A new drainage swale has been installed across the 7th and 3rd holes adjacent to this area to drain excess water to this location.  You can see the designation for the new oak and ash tee boxes.

Hole 18
Work has begun on expanding the retention pond by the 18th green (entrance pond).  This pond will double in size, and expand toward the green, making for both an eye-catching entrance and finishing hole.  Soil from this pond is being transported to the 9th hole, where the right side of the fairway is being built up near the old fairway bunker.

Hole 9
The old fairway bunker will be moved up further on the right hand side of the fairway, to challenge longer hitters off the tee.  Where the old bunker was, the right side of the fairway is being built up to assist in controlling water drainage.


Hole 4
Drainage has been incorporated into the fourth green, and a gravel base layer has been laid down.

Hole 5
The green complex has now been shaped, including the bunkers.  Drainage has been incorporated into the bunkers.  Next step will be adding drainage into the green itself.

Hole 6
Work on dredging out the retention pond, including by the bridge area, is now completed.  Next step will be adding drainage into the green.

Hole 7
The excavator has moved on from hole 6 and is now dredging out the area behind the 7th green in order to expand the retention pond.  Soil from this area is being transferred to two locations.  One location is the front of the 3rd fairway between the tee boxes, and the other area is on the right side of the 8th fairway.

Hole 3
Soil is being introduced between tee boxes to build up this low lying area, which will remain a long grass “no-mow” area.  A new drainage swale has been installed across the 7th and 3rd holes adjacent to this area to drain excess water to this location.

Hole 8
Soil is also being introduced to the right side of the fairway on the 8th hole by the pond.  In this area, the fairway will be expanded and mounded closer to the pond.  The back tee box has also been lowered and relocated about 50 feet to the east, away from the adjacent housing.  This tee shot will now have to travel more directly over the water retention area.  The old tee box will be mounded with soil and kept as long grass.


Hole #5
Introducing soil to build up the right hand side of the fairway on hole #5.  Drainage has been added across the 5th fairway and by the green complex.  The greens and surrounds are now being shaped.


Hole #6 
You can see the dozer and excavator continuing their work on the retention pond.  The water that is currently in the retention pond is a mixture of ground water and rain water from the storms over the past few days.  There is more to be dredged out on #6 near the bridge, however the soil needs to dry out somewhat before continuing.  This week’s forecast should help with that.  The shapers have also started to rough out the green and surrounds.

Practice Facility
New irrigation lines are now being installed at the practice facility.


Hole #4
Soil has been added midway through the fairway to build it up and expand the fairway in the low lying area.  The fairway bunker has also been carved out and shaping has started on the green.  You can also see the new drainage line that has been installed traveling down from the 4th green.  Amongst all the work, we were even able to save the flowers behind the 4th green in the process!


Here are some additional changes that have already been made:

Hole #4

The sod midway through fairway on hole #4 has been removed so that new soil can be introduced to build up the low area.  Sod is also being removed further up near the green on the left hand side of the fairway to make way for a new fairway bunker.  The area around the green has also been tilled to help prep for reshaping.


Hole #5

Soil is now being dug out of the retention area on hole #6, and brought to the right hand side of hole #5.  The grade on the right-hand side of #5 notoriously guides & drifts golf balls from the fairway into the treeline, and so the goal here is to build the fairway up, so that players are rewarded for good shots.  The green & surrounds have also been tilled and prepped for reshaping.


Hole #6 

Sod from the 6th approach fairway has been removed and placed elsewhere so that it can continue to grow.  There will be many areas where sod is removed, temporarily stored, placed elsewhere later where needed.  The green and bunkers have been tilled and four trees behind the green have been removed to help the health of the future green thrive.  Removing the trees helps the green with air flow and sunlight.  Finally, the one acre retention area on hole #6 is also being dredged out, and soil taken to other locations where necessary.


Hole #7

Sod in the middle of the 7th fairway is being removed, where the fairway will be regraded to help with drainage.  The pond on 7 is also being drained so that it can be dredged and expanded around the green.


Work on the course has started on a rapid pace.

Hole 6


Hole 5


Practice Range
Architect Todd Quitno on site giving input to the dozer operator to see his drawings come to life.

The work on the short-iron range is shaping up nicely. You will see our chipping / pitching area starting to form on the west side of the range, along with three short-iron target greens down the middle of the range. Drainage tile is also starting to be laid, starting at the pitching green. For your safety, we ask everyone stays clear of the construction area. The putting green will remain open for utilization through Sunday.


Practice Range
Starting Wednesday, July 21st, work will begin on the golf short-iron range. At that time, the short-iron range will be closed for the season and for your safety, we ask everyone stays clear of the area. The putting green will remain open for utilization.

The drainage pipe has been delivered for our renovation project. We will be staging pipe and equipment on the driving range throughout the project. 


Work has begun on the golf short-iron range, and is now CLOSED for the season. For your safety, we ask everyone stays clear of the area. The putting green will remain open for utilization.


Key Project Timeline Dates & Deadlines

All Timeline Dates subject to change


Late July

Tree removal
Golf Creations mobilization and staging
Begin work on short game area
Install silt fence around work area


Pond expansions begin
Topsoil striping and mass grading
Begin constructing green complexes
Start bunker construction
Start irrigation installation
Drainage installation
Seed short game area


Wrap up greens construction
Begin sodding greens and green surrounds
Start shaping new tees
Continue irrigation and drainage work
Continue bunker construction


Complete shaping tees
Complete bunker construction
Complete irrigation and drainage work
Complete work on pond banks
Continue laying sod
Punchlist Items


Finish sodding
Finish any final punchlist items

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Project Scope

Total reconstruction of 16 greens complexes, including greens, greenside features & bunkers.
Resurfacing of 3 greens
Installing fairway drainage on 15 holes
Regrading & expanding ponds on 7 holes
Rebuilding 10 fairway bunkers
Regrading 5 fairways
Designing short game area
Increasing quality and size of water retention areas

Rules for Golfers & Pedestrians

Starting August 2nd and remaining in effect for the duration of the project, the entire golf course will be off-limits to all traffic, both golf cart and foot.  If units violate this restriction disciplinary action may be taken, including fines.

If you are curious about the progress, please contact the Pro Shop for information on a guided tour.

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Guided Renovation Tours

On select days throughout the project, Abbey Springs staff will be leading guided renovation tours.  Enjoy a drink as you get in-person insight of work being completed on the golf course.  These tours are available to owners only, and will require a reservation.  Afterwards, enjoy dinner in the Clubhouse Grille!  More information to come.

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Golf Shop Hours

Although the golf course will be closed for renovations, the Golf Shop will remain open throughout the remainder of the year.  This is a perfect time for you to get your clubs regripped, spikes replaced, clubs ordered and all of your shopping wants / needs met!  The golf staff can also answer any questions you may have regarding the project or which courses to play during this time.

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Alternative Play Options

Once the golf course closes in August for renovations, you will have an à la carte menu of courses that you can choose to play from.  You can see this listing of area courses, their contact information and their prices by clicking here.

Signup To Play in August!

Abbey Springs has coordinated with courses on select Tuesdays in August.  At each course listed below, consecutive times will start at 9am.  You can sign up in the Pro Shop and the shop will assign your designated time and pairings... sign up alone or with a group.  Signups are also posted on the bulletin board in the pro shop.  Only a certain amount of times have been reserved, so times will be on a first come, first serve basis.  It will be required that you check in at each course and provide payment upon check-in.  

Tuesday, August 3rd

Majestic Oaks (Lake Lawn)
2400 Geneva St.
Delavan, WI 53115

Tuesday, August 10th

Broadlands Golf Club
18 Augusta Way
North Prairie, WI 53153

Tuesday, August 31st

Brighton Dale Links
830 248 Ave.
Kansasville, WI 53139

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About the Architects

Bob Lohmann & Todd Quitno of Lohmann Quitno Golf Course Architects have extensive experience & history and are highly regarded among the golf community.  Being in the business for 35 years, Lohmann Quitno are top-tier architects.  With a combined experience of 67 years, they have 30 new course designs and have performed 175 course renovations.


Bob Lohmann, ASGCA
President and Principal Architect

Todd Quitno, ASGCA
Senior Project Architect / VP

Featured courses that Bob & Todd have worked with in the past:

Bishops Bay Country Club
Blackstone Golf Club
Crystal Lake Country Club
Indian Creek
Merit Club
Schaumburg Golf Club & Academy
Tippecanoe Lake Country Club
Westmoor Country Club

Recent Design Merits

Canyata: Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses, Golf Digest’s 2005 Best New Private, Golfweek’s Best New Courses 2005-2007, Golf Digest’s Best in the State of Illinois

Mattoponi Springs:Golf Digest’s 2005 Best New Public, Golf Digest’s Best in the State of Virginia

The Merit Club: Site of the 2000 U.S. Women’s Open, Golf Digest’s Top Five Best New Courses 1995

Bridages of Popular Creek: Golf Inc.’s 2012 Renovation of the Year

Jefferson City CC:Golf Inc.’s 2010 Renovation of the Year Honor

Traditions at Chevy Chase: Golf Inc.’s 2004 Renovation of the Year

Midlothian CC: Golf Inc.’s 2005 Renovation of the Year Honor

Peninsula St Park Little Links:  ASGCA’s 2014 Design Excellence Award

Reid Municipal Golf Course: ASGCA’s 2014 Design Excellence Award

Indian Creek Golf Club: Home of the’s Pinnacle Bank Championship

Here are a few insights that others have shared regarding their experience with Bob & Todd:

Jonathon Parsons, GM Schaumburg Golf Club

“I had high expectations for the rebuild project at Schaumburg Golf Club, and Todd and Bob far exceeded those expectations!  Reopening this season...we are on pace to set all time record high number of rounds played. We have yet to hear a complaint about pin locations and green speed!”

Jim Nedrow, Director of Agronomy at The Golf Club at Indian Creek (Korn Ferry Tour)

“I am very pleased with Todd Quitno’s work on their project. Todd checked all the boxes from esthetics, maintenance and playability. Todd took our course from being a run of the mill facility to being the leader in our market. Todd and Bob’s work enabled us to land a Korn Ferry Tour event...and really put us on the map! Revenues have been increasing...which we expect next year to be another 10% -%15 percent higher than this year.”

Curtis Malm, Director of Golf White Eagle Golf Club Naperville IL

“Working with Todd over eight months on a twenty-seven hole modernization was a treat for the Club and myself.  Todd was extremely hands on and took the time to understand what the golf course and our community was all about.  He took what was a fabulous golf course and made it even better.  Since the modernization the Club has seen an increase in members, hosted the Illinois Open, and are in conversations with the LPGA, and Div 1 golf programs as a host site for a major event.  The membership has grown by 24 (that is net) since the renovation was complete and even through the current COVID times no one had left because they love the course that much.  If I was going to do another remodel, renovation, modernization or full scale rebuild I would have Todd by my side because I know I am going to get a great product!”

Patrick Reuteman, Golf Course Superintendent Westmoor Country Club

“It’s hard to put exact figures on the impact of the project, but the member satisfaction has been through the roof.  We still consistently hear how the greens renovation was the best thing that has ever been done to the golf course.  I have provided a list below of the major benefits that we have seen from both a maintenance and member standpoint:

 *   No winter kill since the renovation.  We also do not cover the greens. I find myself wanting some ice to clean up any poa annua. *   20-30% savings on greens fungicides.  Our bentgrass variety is over 15 years old now.  The newer varieties are seeing up to 50% chemical savings.
*   We have virtually eliminated hand watering of the greens.
*   No spring application of proxy for poa seed heads.
*   Consistent green speed throughout the growing season.
*   Ability to really push the greens without risk of death to achieve tournament speeds.”

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Q: When will work begin?

A:  The renovation will begin Monday, August 2nd, 2021 and end April 30th, 2022. The course will be re-open for play starting in May of 2022. 

Q:  Why does a renovation need to be done?
:  There are multiple reasons that a renovation is needed:

Drainage:  First, the increased rain amounts in recent years have exposed one of our greatest weaknesses- drainage.  Due to rain and improper drainage in fairways and greens, Abbey Springs has a reputation in the area of mainly being a “cart paths only” golf course.  This renovation would incorporate proper drainage on fairways & greens, alleviating this issue and reducing lost revenue due to wet conditions.

Greens: Another reason a renovation is needed is due to the greens on the golf course.  When the golf course was initially built in 1971, the greens were basically shaped & leveled with a bulldozer and slopes were “eyeballed.”  The problem with this approach is tri-fold.  First, proper drainage was not installed in our greens.  Second, the percentage of “pinnable” areas on the current greens are minimal.  This leads to high amounts of foot traffic and wear in the few available designated areas.  Third, green slopes are considered “unfair” by many players, especially when pin placements need to be made in creative locations.  This is one of the biggest complaints among first time players.

Practice Facilities:  The current practice facility allows for players to hit short-iron shots to flagged locations.  However, the area is in a flood-plain and is often too wet for players to practice.  Not only will the proposed project fix this low flood-plain issue, the proposed practice facility will also allow golfers to practice a variety of different types of situational short game chips, pitches & shots, while allowing for expanded usage for golf instruction.

Outdated Course:  Lastly, the golf course is simply out-dated.  Very little updating has been done to the course to keep up with the current state of the game.  Specifically, the greens are out-dated for the current state of the game.  Currently, the game is being played with faster-rolling greens & shorter bent grasses.  However, our current greens cannot handle this shorter & faster style.  Along with outdated greens, the golf course itself is “tired” and outdated with many greens showing wear, inconsistent & washed-out sand traps with broken liners & years of “band-aid” fixes to help curb many of our drainage issues.  Maintenance on this tired & outdated course is time consuming and costly.  Years of quick-fixes and band-aid approaches have added up and taken their toll.  This renovation project would be a long-term remedy to many of these band-aid approach fixes. 

Q:  Why complete the project now?
A:  As we celebrate our 50th anniversary of Abbey Springs, we have an opportunity to reflect on the past 50 years, while directing our attention to the future generation of unit owners and golfers here at Abbey Springs.  Completing this project now will ensure success in the coming years, while delaying this project would result in an exponential increase of band-aid fixes, upkeep, labor, and other costs resulting in less yearly revenue.  We need to keep Abbey Springs in the forefront of minds as a top-tier course and not an outdated afterthought.

Q:  Will this project benefit non-golfers?
 Everyone will benefit from the project, including non-golfers.  First, The golf course is our highest value capital asset and is instrumental in driving the value of our condos, townhouses and private homes.  This project will transform Abbey Springs into a pristine top-tier destination golf course, raising property and home values.  Second, the project will increase course revenue & utilization numbers, increasing the amount of play from our owners, public play & attract weekday outings.  Increased utilization numbers will also lead to increased revenue for our food & beverage department.  The renovation project will also reduce operation and maintenance costs, including labor, chemicals, etc.  Increased revenues, along with reduced costs will result in increased income for Abbey Springs.

Q:  Will the course become TOO crowded for me to get a tee time?
A:  Between the project and recent increased interest in the game surrounding global circumstances, we expect the trend of increased levels of play to continue.  Because of this expectation, Abbey Springs will protect certain tee times on weekends for unit owner/member & guest play if we deem that play becomes too crowded.

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