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Golf Rules - Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva, WI

Golf Rules at Abbey Springs Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Keep Pace

Abbey Springs enforces the “Keep Pace” program regarding speed of play. Simply stated, this means you are expected to keep up with the group in front of you. The ranger will warn you when you fail to “Keep Pace”. Continued failure to do so will result in our requiring you to discontinue play.

Cart Paths Only

Strictly observe cart use rules as indicated by instruction from the starter, or signs on the 1st and 10th tees. (I.E. Cart paths only; or 90° crossovers allowed) Carts must never be driven off the golf course property for any reason.

Pedestrian Use

Only golfers are allowed on the golf course. No other pedestrian or vehicular use (including private golf carts) are allowed. 


Beverages are not allowed to be carried onto the golf course.  All beverages can be purchased on the golf cart or in the Golfer’s Grille.

Tee Times

No play is allowed on the course without first checking in at the Pro Shop.  Anyone not following this rule will be billed appropriately.

Sand Traps & Replacing Ball Marks

Repair ball marks on greens. 

Rake sand traps after play. (Due to COVID, there are no bunker rakes at this time)

The Golf Dress Code

MEN: Slacks or walking shorts no more than 4" above the knee. Shirts with sleeves and collars. No tank shirts or cut off jeans. Golf shoes required.

WOMEN: Dress shirt or blouse. Slacks or walking shorts no more than 4" above the knee. No halters or tube tops. Golf shoes required. 


Reservation Policy

-Tee time reservations may be made up to 1 month in advance of the date of play by calling (262) 275-6113.
-Weekend and Holiday tee times must be guaranteed by advance payment, credit card number or unit owner charge.
-Cancellation refunds will be given upon notice of at least 24 hours in advance of reserved time.
-No shows (less than reserved number of players), and those that do not cancel within the 24 hour timeframe will be billed at full prices per reservation if fill-in players are not available.
-Weekend and Holiday starting times (limited to two foursomes per member) are reserved for members up to 72 hours prior to actual tee time. If not taken by guaranteed reservation at that time those unreserved times will be made available to non-members.
-Group reservations are restricted on weekends and holidays. A maximum of 8 players may be reserved on those days.
-Golf Members will be allowed up to 7 guests per unit at guest fees. The balance of players in a group will be billed at non-member rates.

Rain Checks

Rain checks will be issued in the case of a rain out for golf. Rain checks will be issued when the golf course is closed by the golf course superintendent due to inclement weather. In the event of a rain out, customers must present their scorecards at the reception desk for a rain check. Sorry, but we do not issue refunds unless the group has not started play.

Golf Membership

There will be no proration or refund of dues for medical reasons or moving out of Abbey Springs. There will be a refund only in the case of death or permanent disability.