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Abbey Springs Men's League

Welcome everyone to another Men’s League calendar year!  2022 will be be comprised of two-man teams vying for the most accrued points.  This year will look slightly different than pervious years. You and your partner will have multiple opportunities to earn points for your team throughout the season in various ways.  You and your partner should plan on playing each week.  Some weeks, you will need to play together with your partner… other weeks, you will not… depending on the weekly game.  This year, we will split the field up into divisions based on your teams combined handicap.  Our Men’s League Champion will be determined by the team in each division with the most points at the end of the season.  Below is an example of what our leaderboard will look like for the season:
Division A (Lower Handicap Division)
Gross Leaderboard Net Leaderboard
Division B (Higher Handicap Division)
Gross Leaderboard Net Leaderboard
League Regulations
As a formal men’s league, there are additional regulations & rules we all need to abide by in the spirit of competitive fairness.  Please see additional regulations, rules & format below:
~League registration fee is $75 per player.
~In regards to weekly greens fee rates— if you do not have a golf membership, owners will be charged normal owner rates. Public players be charged the ‘Unit Owner Guest’ greens fee rate of $75 on Mon-Thurs and $85 on Fri-Sun.  This pricing only applies once per week for your weekly game.
~You can sign up for the league individually, or as a two-person team.  Signup by emailing Ryan at  If signing up individually, the Pro Shop will do its best to pair up players onto teams.  
~You are welcome to play your game any day during the time frame shown for each week as shown on the schedule. 
~Please notice that the league week has changed and will start on Wednesdays and end on Tuesdays this year.  This will allow for results to be posted much sooner after organized Tuesday events.
~There will be an automatic $10 weekly game charge to your member account ($15 on weeks with flag events).  If you do not have a member account established, this game fee must be paid in advance of your round. 
~You must notify the pro shop before your round that you intend to play your weekly game.  Abbey Springs will provide you with a scorecard upon notification that you desire to play your round for the week. 
~Once you start your weekly round, you must finish… unless you are rained out.
~Bob Wisbey usually organizes an additional optional $5 cash side-game on Tuesday mornings, if interested.
~Scorecards must be clearly marked with full name and date
~All scorecards must be attested by another player that is not part of your team.
~All scorecards must be turned in on the same day as play immediately after your round is completed.
~To qualify your score, you must turn in your scorecard into the scorecard ‘box’.  This box will be placed on the pro shop counter.  All League scores will be entered and maintained by Abbey Springs Golf Course for accuracy.  Please do not enter your own league scores unless you have permission.
~Every 9 and 18 hole round you play must be posted to your handicap, regardless if it is for league play or not (unless match play or scramble).  Even if you don’t like your score, you still have to post it.  All rounds played at other courses must also be posted.
~Weekly Game winnings will be posted to the player's Golf Shop Credits.
~I will be really clamping down on this rule this year, especially with the new greens.  Picking up ‘gimmie’ putts early is the #1 complaint that I receive from league members.  ALL PUTTS MUST BE PUTT OUT.  Period.  This is a league and we will play by the rules, especially with the new greens.
~If you, as a league member, notice someone pick up their ball early, please kindly remind them about this rule.  The individual will be allowed relocate his golf ball where it was and putt out without penalty.  Please do not take offense if someone reminds you about this rule… sometimes, we all need a reminder…!
~If you or your partner cannot play a particular week, you are allowed to designate another player as a substitute.  This player must be an individual with an established handicap who is not on another team.
~All substitutes must be approved by Ryan before play.
~All participating players must have an established handicap.  If you do not have a handicap, you can purchase and establish one with the pro shop.  To establish your handicap, you must play at least three 18 hole rounds before the league starts.  These rounds do no necessarily have to be played at Abbey Springs.
~Abbey Springs has the right to change a players handicap if is thought to be incorrect. Any player
thought to be falsifying a handicap is up for dismissal from the league with no refund.
~PLAY THE BALL AS IT LIES.  Absolutely no rolling the ball.  If your ball is embedded, you must get another team’s approval to lift clean and place.  Otherwise, PLAY AS IT LIES.  There will be no “propping” or “rolling” balls up on the grass to give yourself a better lie.
~Most areas to the left and right side of the hole is staked as a hazard.  As such, drop your ball along the line where your ball crossed into the hazard area.  You must record a stroke for your drop, but there is no other penalty.
~All golfers must play ready-golf.  No one likes a 5-hour round. 
~Cheating of any manner will not be tolerated and is grounds for being dismissed from the league without reimbursement.
~League commissioner reserves the right for judgement in the event of an issue coming up that isnt otherwise described in this document.  The commissioner will do his best to make the decision that is best for the league in keeping competitive parity.
AGES 18-45:  MAPLE TEES             AGES 46+: COMBO TEES       AGES 70+:  OAK TEES (optional)
2022 Calendar Summary
Course Opening - May 31st:  Two Man Best Ball  (This week’s event is dependent on course opening date)
June 1-7: Unlimited Skins
June 8-14: Combined Stableford
June 15-21: Pick Your US Open Partner w/ Bonus Flag Event
June 22-28: 1-2-3-4 Best Ball
June 29 - July 5: Red, White & Blue Tees
July 6-12: Unlimited Skins
July 11: Grand Dominion Match @Steeplechase (this event is not a men’s league event, and is open to all owners/members)
July 13-19:  Pick Your St. Andrews Partner w/ Bonus Flag Event
July 20-26:  Throw Out Game
July 21: Member / Member Event (this event is not a men’s league event, and is open to all owners/members)
July 27-Aug 2:  Confidence Pool
August 2 & 3:  Men’s Club Championship (this event is not a men’s league event, and is open to all owners/members)
August 3-9: TBD (Intern’s Choice)
August 10-16: Knockout Match Play Bracket
August 17-23: Unlimited Skins
August 23: Grand Dominion Match @Abbey Springs(this event is not a men’s league event, and is open to all owners/members)
August 24-30: Two Player Scramble
August 31-September 6: Unlimited Skins w/ Bonus Flag Event
September 13: President’s Cup / End of Season Banquet
October 3-5:  Men on the Go (courses TBD) (this event is not a men’s league event, and is open to all individuals)

Detailed Calendar of Events