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Golf Course is Now Open!

We will be adding more before and afters as we get closer to the course opening. 

Renovation Updates

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Hole 1

Hole one's green complex received a much needed facelift. The green itself was rebuilt, and expanded at the front-right hand side. You’ll notice this green has plenty of character, with a few different plateau levels and many different pin locations for our superintendent to utilize. The severe back-to-front slope on this green has been eliminated, meaning your putt will no longer ‘run away’ from you when putting toward a pin location in front of the green. The state of the art “Billy Bunker” system has been installed in all bunkers on the golf course, including the newly designed green-side bunker to the left of the green. The fairway has been expanded in the front-right hand side of the green, along with the fairway bunker removed. There is now a mound in its place that allows you to bank and funnel your shot toward the green. Closer to the tee-box on this hole, the fairway has been shortened slightly and sod used in other areas of the golf course. Near the same location, there has been some piping and slit drainage that has been installed in order to help with the chronically wet area.


Hole 2

The green and surrounds on the second hole par 3 were completely rebuilt.  The right side of the green was expanded and moved closer to the water.  You will notice a few locations on the course where the green takes a new kidney shape, and this green is one of those locations.  Whereas previously, the right side of this green was difficult to utilize for pin placements, there will now be many different pin placement options to utilize across the entirety of the green.  Mounds were added to the left and back side of the green surround, which will help funnel golf balls toward the green.  These mounds also serve to break up depth perception while standing on the tee box.  The bunker on the left side of the green was removed.  In its place, a new fairway approach “bail-out area” has been installed.  The forward tee box has been shifted to give a better angle toward this fairway approach and to the green.  Finally, a new bunker has been installed in the front center of the green.  This bunker is not nearly as deep as the old “pot-style” bunker that was previously in a similar location a few years ago.  This new bunker will, however, provide another strategic element to consider for your tee shot.

Hole 3

The most significant work done to this hole was the addition of major drainage through the fairway.  A new bunker is added to the right side of the green…and the sand bunker on the left side was moved a little left to allow approach shots to roll up.  One fun change was to the back portion of the green surface.  A step up or steep rise about 2/3rds of the way back…then the back portion is leveled off somewhat.  This will allow for more fair pin settings at the back part of the green.  

Hole 4

The 523 yard fourth hole at Abbey Springs received significant enhancements.  The Ash and Oak tee boxes were completely reconstructed to allow for a level tee-off area that is optimally angled toward the fairway.  The low lying valley halfway down the middle of the fairway was raised higher and widened.  This will allow for both better lie angles in the fairway and also encourage grass growth in this area, which was previously difficult to maintain.  A new fairway bunker was installed on the left side of the fairway about 50 yards from the green.  This bunker will challenge lay-up shots in the second landing zone.  Another new bunker was also added to the front-right side of the green.  The green itself was completely rebuilt, expanding at the back-right hand side.  The severity of the green's unfair 5-7 degree slopes have been tamed, however that is certainly not to say this green is without character; this green has a few different "shelves" to add to the interest of pin locations and add to the character of the green.


Hole 5

There are a few major upgraded changes on the 378 yard par 4 fifth hole.  A new fairway bunker has been added half way down the fairway on the right side as a "catch" to enhance the strategy off the tee.  Also on the right hand side of the fairway, lined mounding has been added in order to catch golf balls from "running-off" or draining down the right side tree line.  An area has been added left of the fairway to catch water and redirect via pipe down the hill and to the right.  Golfers will be happy to hear that the green has been completely rebuilt.  The bunkers in the front left of the green have been combined into one new rebuilt bunker, along with a new bunker on the front right hand side of the green.

Hole 6

The 174 yard par three 6th hole has seen an incredibly dramatic transformation.  The green and surrounds have been completely rebuilt, with two rebuilt bunkers accompanying it-- one bunker located on the front-right hand side and the other to the left of the green.  The main attraction, however, is the new retention pond that has been installed before the green, which includes a stunning  boulder wall bordering the back side of the pond and in front of the green.  In order to discourage any further erosion into the pond, a series of boulder riffles have been been installed near the bridge to slow water flow.  A new bridge, which was funded separately, will also be installed this spring.  This hole will assuredly be a new signature favorite among Abbey Springs golfers.


Hole 7

The first change that a golfer walking up to the 7th tee may notice is that the two fairway bunkers in the area where some tee shots typically land have been altered.  The bunker on the left-hand side of the fairway has been removed and replaced by a grassy banking slope.  Where there was once one lone bunker to the right hand side of the fairway, there are now two bunkers.  These two bunkers have been pushed 15 yards further away from the tee box and closer to the green in order to help set up a better tee shot.  The fairway has also been regraded between these two sloping hills to allow for better drainage.  Speaking of drainage, a new sub-surface drain line has been installed further down the fairway.  This drain line runs perpendicular to the fairway, where there was once an awkward dipping swale.  Along with the drain, soil has been added to this area to help correct this issue.  Another nice surprise is a new fairway bunker on the left hand side of the fairway about 90 yards from the green.  This bunker has been added for additional visual appeal and will come into play strategically for golfers' approach shots.  The green and surrounds have also undergone a transformation themselves, with the first change being the expanded retention pond, which now wraps around the back side of the green and to the left.  This pond, along with a new green-side bunker on the left side, will demand a much more accurate golf shot onto the green surface.  The mounds that used to be located to the left side of the green have been removed.  The approach fairway has been expanded in its place and wraps around each side of the green-side bunker, allowing golfers another bail-out option, as well as a bit of relief for an off-target shot.  The green itself has been completely rebuilt, reshaped and raised a few feet from its previous blueprint.  The dramatic changes to the 7th hole are ones that golfers are sure to appreciate as they navigate it in just a few short months!

Hole 8

The 402 yard par four 8th hole experienced some much needed enhancements.  The back tee box has been moved to the right, away from housing and tree-line.  Moving this tee will force golfers playing the back tees to now hit over the water area, and will also give them a better angle to the fairway.  Along the fairway, a series of drainage hollows and subsurface piping have been installed, as the 8th fairway is infamously known for being one of the more chronically wet areas after a rainfall.  The fairway has been expanded slightly on the right hand side, with some added mounding.  These changes will be a much needed help to drainage on this hole as it will help alleviate many of the issues previously experienced.  The green itself has been cored out and rebuilt with new materials in its current location.  The green still has an abundance of character, having a few different 'tiers' building up toward the back of the green.  The two bunkers that were previously placed on the side of the green have been completely rebuilt and moved to a more front-and-center location, with one of the bunkers dividing the approach fairway.