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Come Join the Excitment of the ASMGA

All Ages.  All Skill Levels.  All Welcome!

Reduced league fee of only $49.95

ASMGA is open to all Abbey Springs owners, members, neighbors, public, family and friends, including all ages and skill sets- we are always looking for new faces to join us!  This year will be a great year to play some competitive golf, meet new people, and enjoy some comradery!

This year we have a *BRAND NEW* format!  We will be spliting the 2018 season into two halves.  The first half will be called the "hare" and the second half will be called the "tortise." The top winners from each half will play each other in a tournament at the end of the season. Completely redesigned weekly formats and games, along with 6 major events. You can play ANY day of the week!  Each week you participate, you will be entered to Win a weekly drawing for prizes from our various ASMGA sponsers.  Below you will find a description of the weekly games and the major events.

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2018 ASMGA Weekly Events

WEEK 1: SKINS [Date: May 26-31]
Skins game. A skin is earned when you shoot the lowest score compared to all other golfers on any given hole. Whoever has the most skins wins. Gross & net winners.

WEEK 2: PICK YOUR U.S. PARTNER [Date: June 11-17]
Combine your score with a US OPEN player's Sunday score. Player can be chosen when you play your round. Gross and net winners.

WEEK 3: 2-PLAYER BLIND BEST BALL [Date: June 18-24]
2 man blind partner game. The Pro Shop will put everyone's name on a golf ball, place the ball in a bucket, and randomly draw partners at the end of the round.Gross and net winner.

WEEK 4: VEGAS GAME [Date: June 25-July l]
Blind draw partner, Vegas style. Your score will be combine with another player's score for each hole, literally. Example: If you shoot a 6 and your partner shoots a 4,your score for the hole will be a 46. Lowest score always first. Lowest 18-hole score wins! Gross and net winners.

WEEK 5: LONGEST YARD [Date: July 2-8]
Longest Yard is a game that uses hole yardages to award points for the lowest scores on each hole. The lowest score for each hole, ties included, will get awarded thehole's length in points. Gross & Net.

WEEK 6: THROW OUT EVENT [Date: July 9-15]
Each player will throw out his worst three holes (compared to par) on the front nine and back nine. 12 hole net & gross.

WEEK 7: MOST 3s, 4s, AND 5s [Date: July 16-22]
There will be winners for the player with the most 3s, 4s, and 5s. Gross & net.

WEEK 8: GUESS YOUR SCORE [Date: July 23-29]
Prizes will be awarded to those players who come closest to guessing what their score will be for the day. Players need to tell the ProShop before starting their round.

WEEK 9: 4-PLAYER BLIND PARTNER [Date: July 30-Aug 5]
Blind draw. After the round, the Pro Shop will randomly draw names out of a hat and place players in four teams. The team with the lowest score wins. Net only.

WEEK 10: LOWEST PUTTS [Date: August 6-12]
Keep track of all your putts. At the end of the round, the LOWEST number of puts wins.

WEEK 11: PICK YOUR PGA PLAYER [Date: August 13-19]
Combine your score with a PGA Championship player’s Sunday score.  Player can be chosen when you play your round.  Gross and net winners
WEEK 12: SKINS GAME [Date: August 20-26]
A skin is earned when you shoot the lowest score compared to other golfers on any given hole. Whoever has the most skins wins. Gross and net winners.

2018 ASMGA Major Events

Opening Day
Date: MAY 26
Continental Breakfast & Presentation: 7:45am
Golf: 9:00am
Cost: $50 per player
Cost includes breakfast & prizes.
Format: 4- Person Scramble. The Pro Shop will pair you up by A-B- C-D flight players.
Scoring: Gross & Net
Men on the Go
Date: JUNE 4-6

Mon., June 4 Brighton Dale 9:30am Consecutive
Tues., June 5 Thunderhawk 9:00am  Shotgun
Wed., June 6 Shepherd's Crook 10:00am Shotgun

Dinner: Dinner & Awards will be Wednesday night in the Banquet Room at Abbey Springs.
Cost: Cost determined by courses played.
Format: All three days will be hosted at visiting courses TBD.
Scoring: Gross & Net
Time: 1:00pm
Dinner: 5:45pm
Cost: $50 per player
Includes rib dinner, awards & prizes
Format: This tournament is a pick your partner Men's two person scramble. Gross and Net prizes.
Scoring: 50% of combined handicap
Time: 1:00pm
Dinner: 5:45pm
Cost: $50 cash per player Includes dinner, awards & prizes
*Regular golf rates apply
Format: Blind Draw Partner
This is a cash-payout event.
Stableford scoring. All payments (participation, mulligans, raffle) need to be in cash 5 teams will win payouts as well as individual prizes for flag events.
Scoring: Gross scoring
Time: 12:45pm
Dinner: 5:30pm
$225 per 2-some
$400 per 4-some
This will be a scramble event with a twist. You will move back a tee for every birdie, forward a tee for every bogie (or double), and stay at the same tee for every par.
Scoring: Gross scoring
Ryder Cup

Time: I:00pm
End of year awards to follow
Cost $50 per player
Cost includes an appetizer, 2 drinks & prizes
Format: Two team, Ryder Cup format-
Scoring: Gross & Net