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Abbey Springs Condominiums Nos. 1-15

Your Board of Directors is trying to determine if the Unit Owners of Abbey Springs want to make any changes to our current Rental Policy. Our Declarations and Bylaws allow for rental of units and the current rules do not specify minimum or maximum periods for renting a unit. Depending on the results of this Survey Ballot, we may consider recommending changes to our rules. The results of this Survey Ballot and the rationale for any and all changes will be presented to our Unit Owners well in advance of implementation. The results may also point out the need for additional input from the Unit Owners. In the event changes are proposed, such changes would not take place until January 2019. Thank you in advance for sharing your Survey Ballot results with us.
THE UNDERSIGNED Unit Owner, as designate voter on record, does herby designate and authorize Michael Lach, Secretary of Abbey Springs Inc., as his or her proxy to vote on Rental Survey 2018.


Please select one option from the list.

Please select one option from the list.


According to the Declaration of Voting, which is currently on file at the Abbey Springs Office, the undersigned is such designated voter:


 According to the Declaration of Voting, which is currently on file at the Abbey Springs Office, I am confirming that by checking this checkbox I am the designated voter or one of the designated voters assigned to my unit and this is considered as my signature.

Each vote submitted is electronically verified by the user's login ID to confirm that member as having voted.  Only 1 vote per unit or a % thereof to equal 1 vote depending on that unit's declaration of voter(s) as filed with the Abbey Springs office.

*Proxies may be revoked or cancelled upon receipt by the Secretary of written notice specifically canceling a proxy of which the Secretary has previous notice.

NOTE:  Any unit owner denied use for non-payment on their member account will be ineligible to vote.